Sunday, June 10, 2007


Stunning Akos.
See more here.


  1. Thanks for posting! (You are pretty quick!) Now I have to build another corner-house and I will have four for a closed block.

  2. I'm just jealous I can't build much at the moment. A lot on at work. Did go to a LEGO Store today in Milton Keynes - and I made an order to S@H. I now own the Cement Mixer - yey. A corner group will be great. I've had a few ideas this weekend.

    I've been meaning to ask, what country are you in?

  3. I'm in Hungary. (MALUG = Magyar LUG.) Living in Hungary means there is no Brandstore or Shop@Home delivery so we all have to use BrickLink and/or travel to Germany to get parts in bulk. Next week we're going to the Brand Store in Munnich. I'm not sure I will buy anything, I have amassed enough parts to build several more houses.


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