Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Question...

brickbuilder711's Gallery.

I received my Market Street today finally. I LOVE IT. Just wondering what the two sculptures are on the roof of the market section? There is some hose and two 2 x 2 round plates and a technic cog??? Any ideas?


  1. We also discussed that detail when we first presented the set at NorteShopping. I think it's some kind of chimney, disregarding the fact it sits over a passageway...

  2. haha, i just built my market street and i was wondering the same thing. great set though! can't wait for the next in line!!!!

  3. I havn't built mine yet, so can't comment.

    I am now realising that my Cafe Corner looks a bit short next to other buildings and I neeed to build another 2nd floor. Does anyone know if there is an inventory of parts for just the extra layer? I know I can just go through the instructions, but want to collect all the parts before I start to make it easier! If there isn't then I might put one together in case it helps anyone else.

  4. Welcome Pedro Agnelo and Travis.

    I can't wait either.

    What about creating a floor of your own design gizmocom? - Maybe we should do that as a competition???

  5. Indeed it is intended to be a chimney if I read the article on correctly. It's basically set up to be an alternate roof for the main building if someone wanted a flatter, "American" look to the main structure.

    Given that, I suppose it would make perfect sense to simply leave them off in the default usage as the outdoor market roof.


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