Sunday, March 10, 2013

Miami Nice

Colony Hotel, Miami, FL
Courtesy Colony Hotel by Daniel Siskind
Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida - (BTT) Few places in the world are so intrinsically linked to an architectural style as Miami Beach is to Art Deco. Cruising down Ocean Drive is an experience the exists no where else on earth, and among the pastel-colored Streamline Moderne hotels that line the street, the Colony stands especially iconic. Built in 1939, the hotel and the neighborhood weren't always as glamorous as they are today - in a bit of irony, it was thanks in part to shows like Miami Vice and movies like Scarface depicting the rather seedy state of the area in the 1980's that helped renew interest in South Beach and assuring landmark status for gems like this.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hermit Habitats

Cliffside Monastery
Courtesy Cliffside Monastery by Paul Vermeesch
Chastity Cliff - (BTT) It's one thing to want to get away from it all and find a nice little place to yourself by the sea to unwind as a vacation - it's another thing to make it your life. Further from society but closer to his creator, this lonely monk has just the sounds of the ocean below to keep him company. Fortunately, he also has a humble abode that might be small in footprint but is big on details. The clean, white stucco walls give a nice contrast to the surrounding landscape and provides the perfect blank backdrop for a lifetime of meditation.