LEGO Building Tips

This is a quick getting started guide on how to build your own LEGO Cafe Corner compatible building. Here are the basics:

Choose the Size of Your Building - For this little guide, we'll just focus on the 16x32 baseplate. There's really no limit as to how long or wide you want to make your building.

16 x 32 Baseplate
The Sidewalk - This can be accomplished with two 1x8 Light Gray tiles on the very end covering 16 studs and various amounts of 1x2 and 2x2 Dark Gray Tiles, completing the remainder of the sidewalk. It usually runs between 5-7 studs back, but this all depends on where you begin your wall. For this example, we just go 7 studs back from the Light Gray Tiles (so 8 in all.)

Add some detail into the sidewalk with some 1x1 tiles, a light pole, or a fire hydrant.

The Wall - The wall could really begin anywhere you please, but just so it looks good against the other modular buildings, begin the it at about the 8th or 9th stud back. For this example, we just go to the 9th stud.

Don't make your wall this basic. This is just an example.
The Pinholes - These are crucial. If you get them out of place, your building will not connect to the other modular buildings and it will require you to rip apart your bottom foundation. This can be really irritating after you already developed a nice structure on top of it. Regardless of wall and sidewalk width the 1x2 pinhole bricks have to be located 10th and 11th studs and the 22nd and 23rd studs, allowing 10 studs in between.

From this point, just add your back wall and your set to go. To add some variety to your various buildings, fluctuate your sidewalk and facade widths. This adds some depth and nice shadows when you put two or more buildings next to each other. 

I hope this helped, and please contact me if you need any clarification or if you have a suggestion on how to make this building guide better.