Friday, August 31, 2007


I've made this poster (the one on the right) to go on the wall in the train station that I am building.
I'm looking forward to seeing the Indiana Jones sets next year.
From my gallery lol.

Capitol Building Washington

This isn't strictly a CC Style Building - it is one of those models to make you drool and dribble. According to the title it took the creator 4 years to put together.
From Dominik-Gerlach's gallery.
Its well worth it.

Tan Building

From jpmanalo's gallery.

Big Town

LNB's Big Town layout.


Nice details on this house by sheep. Its not easy designing a nice building in yellow.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cafe (non)Corner by Pillows

Have you ever had a feeling that your Cafe Corner wasn't long enought?

Well Pillows did and made a perfect Cafe Corner extension!

Nice work!

Dutch Buildings (Berlin 2007)

Look at that! A whole block of dutch style buildings from brucewaynelego's gallery. Looking good, congratulations to his creator!

LEGOFan Up again!

Hi all, good news.

LEGOFan has been out for months, but now it's back!

It's allways a good place to get to know about the LEGO ambassadors and future projects from (and for) the AFOL community.

Got the Sand Blues?

I found another interesting MOC form TLS 2007 on Gallery's gallery (hmmm that's weird. ) Interesting windows and I really like that garage detail. What color better than sand blue?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My 1st message.

Hi all, my name is Rogério Ribeiro, I'm 14 years old and i'm from Portugal. Since the Cafe Corner was created I got inspired by its level of detail and beauty, and I started to build some models first on real bricks and then on LDD (due lack of bricks). When I saw the blog, the first thing that got into my mind was: "I got to be on it!" and one day I contacted BrickTownTalk (I mean Richard) and how happy was I when I saw my first module highlighted on it! Since then I beggan to daily comment on the blog's news.

Now I'm looking foward to help make this blog and the Cafe Corner style buldings live a long life.

C ya All
Rogerio Ribeiro (aka. Roger)

Under New Management

I have asked my good friend Roger to help in running this Blog.

Roger has been posting on the Blog since it began - and I feel it will be in very good hands.

Good luck Roger.

Amazing News from Eurobricks...

Thank you for the heads up Gizmocom...

Click here for the link - or on the picture to enlarge.

We need pictures.... Jamie Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

Remember this one?

I am posting this one to compare with the previous post. From mumu's gallery.

Mini Cafe - Mini Market

From chiukeung's Gallery

Monday, August 27, 2007

TLS Berlin Part 1

I've been studying these models all day (see the full collection here). Thank you for your message Akos. Such a wide range of techniques. Akos has also sent me pictures of his own models (see part 2). Amazing.

TSL Berlin Part 2

Thank you for your message Akos. I hope you had a wonderful time. You must let me know what people thought of your models.
Did you meet Jamie?

Pizza. Mmmmmmmmm...

Thanks for your message Freddie.

Freddie pointed me in the direction of this model on Eurobricks.

The model is created by Barbossa.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Little Apartment

From misc2006's gallery. Created from 4954


Thought this building that I saw in Luton today was had nice features - roof, windows etc. I also liked the large arches over the shop windows.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It Works!!!

As it works - I thought I'd post another.

New Feature on Blogger - Yey.

This is a bit of an experiment - I have posted this video before on Youtube - but was not able to embed it. Fingers crossed.

LEGO Writing.


Thought this might be useful to some of us.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

More from Roger.

Sorry for the delay in posting Roger. These are great. See more here.
Its still raining in England - what's the weather like in Lisbon?

Town Hall

As promised - pictures of the Town Hall designed by Jamie Berard (for those of you who are new to the Blog - Jamie created/designed Cafe Corner). This, unfortunately, is not a set for release but a display model for 1000steine event August 24th - 26th, 2007. According to the gallery it took Jamie two weeks to build. It is a large model built on a 48 x 48 stud base. It looks stunning Jamie - I'm sure lots of us will be using some of the ideas from it (I especially like the bell).
Thank you Pedro for your message about this. See more pictures here.
Jamie, are the windows made from garage shutters? (So clever!).

Monday, August 20, 2007

News from Akos

Lots more from Akos here LINK.

Thank you for your message Akos.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Micro Cafe...

This image is taken from the following LINK.
It was designed by Hennning Birkeland - who posted the picture on
I think its very cute.


This Theatre model is from rickzoo's gallery. It was a model displayed at Frechen in 2006. This of course pre-dates Cafe Corner. I just thought it was a great model to share.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Couldn't resist making this particular shop for my display. It will have upper floors as well. Not sure what's happening next door to it. I have made this model slightly wider than the standard 16 studs wide. I hope to put items in the windows to make it look more realistic.

Whtite and Yellow.

Two shops for my display. These now have upper storeys (you can just about see in the previous post). I am going to replace the 1 x 8 light grey arch with a white one on the finished model.
I decided to make the depth of these models a little shallower as this will save on bricks + the backs of the buildings will not be seen. I think they will be a Chip Shop and a Clothes Shop - not sure yet.

Train Station

This is the basement level of the Train Station for my layout. I have yet to build the two upper levels and the entrance. Some of the details are - news paper stand, croisant stand, toilets, lift. I'm particularly pleased to have used a spiral staircase from a Harry Potter set.
The station on the display leads onto a field that will have a pop concert display on it.
In the background you can see the upper floors of the white and yellow shops.

First Picture

These unfortunate picture of Cafe Corner is from Pepaquin's Gallery.

I seem to remember seeing this picture before any of the LEGO sites had pictures of Cafe Corner (i.e. I saw this before I'd even heard of Cafe Corner - and I search the sites every day). Its from the Geneva Library display with the Northern Illinois Lego Train Club.

Train exposition for Sun Youth in 2007

From DazHoo's Gallery.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nice Detail

sonix' gallery

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gizmocom's Bank

Its great to see a Cafe Corner Style Model from Gizmocom. Gizmocom (Darren) and myself run together - This blog celebrates LEGO models and minifigs that have been scaled up (or supersized). Please take a look - we would love to read your comments about these amazing models.
Thanks for your messages Darren - Sorry for the delay.

Updates From LEGOGarage

John - These models are fantastic. I particularly like the street furniture and trees etc - it really sets the scene.
Thank you for your e-mail.

China Town

Thanks for your message Travis. I like your idea to build China Town.

Happy Building.

More From Roger.

rogerthegogogoPt's Buildings
I like the way the stone work is constructed in the second picture. Very nice.