Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whtite and Yellow.

Two shops for my display. These now have upper storeys (you can just about see in the previous post). I am going to replace the 1 x 8 light grey arch with a white one on the finished model.
I decided to make the depth of these models a little shallower as this will save on bricks + the backs of the buildings will not be seen. I think they will be a Chip Shop and a Clothes Shop - not sure yet.


  1. Wow i didn't know that there were blue doors! Really nice I would just give some stone (grey) details to the fa├žade.

    Oh and by the way, isn't that too show to be a CC companion? or is that in another area?

    Looking foward to see it complete.


  2. Sorry i've see the upper stories now.


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