Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rock Polishing

Courtesy Jewelery Store by Watzking3
Bay Street- (BTT) While the customer base may not be as frequent as a grocery store, or its purpose as noble as the fire station, the humble jewelery store is something that the world wouldn't be the same without. Since the beginning of time, humans have been attracted with shiny things, and one day, some smart huminoid got the idea to start selling these shiny things for as high a price as they could. And thus, the jeweler's was born! This MOC has many great features, but I particularly like the piqued roof, and the large front porch. Shows just what you can do with all that moolah!

Trouser Troubles

modern house
Courtesy Modern House by Scrat_
Newville - (BTT) Houses don't get much more modern than this. The clean lines, the vertical windows, the muted, earthy palette - no doubt this is a masterwork of contemporary design. Yet despite the newness of it all, the sight of a man in his underwear on the sidewalk getting his pants thrown at him by his angry girlfriend from the balcony above is a story as old as time itself (or at least as old as pants).

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waterfront Wander

Courtesy Promenade by Lego_fan
Historic District - (BTT) All too often we focus on stunning buildings while failing to note their importance on the urban landscape, so it is a welcome sight to see the larger context now and again. An historic castle provides a grand backdrop to this promenade, complete with a park, cafe, a bank, and a townhouse - each impressive in their own right. Feel free to take the stairs down to the water, but do watch your step (and please, no diving). 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Towering Above the Rest

The Corner of 5th and Main
Courtesy The Corner of 5th and Main by lgorlando
Corner of 5th and Main - (BTT) As urban sprawl continues unabated throughout much of the country, there are those rare developers that know there is another approach to building out - there's always the option of building up. Eight structures fill the block, giving a feeling of density rarely felt on such a tight space.  Mixing not only a variety of uses but also a variety of styles, from the traditional street fronts that would look at home on any historic Main Street in America to the modernist towers stretching ever upwards to the sky, the end result offers a little something for everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Four Wheels Good, Two Wheels Better

Urban Moto: A Modular Motorcyce Shop
Courtesy Urban Moto by gotoAndLego
Chopper Alley - (BTT) While some people (this author included) prefer to use a mode of transportation that won't require skin grafts should something unexpected happen, there are others who wouldn't travel any other way. The open air, the roar of the engine, the always stylish leather jackets - there are certainly upsides to motorcycle ownership, and the great folks at Urban Moto are more than willing to sell you everything a biker needs except an intimidating nickname. Should your ride need a tune up, just pull into the ground floor garage where an appropriately greasy mechanic will have her purring like new in no time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Call of the Sea

The Old Lifeboat Station
Courtesy The Old Lifeboat Station by Derfel Cadran
Seashore Drive- (BTT) The sea calls some men like an owner calls his dog. And many answer that call, from fishermen, to naval officers, to recreational boaters, and even those who will commit themselves to a life on the sea in a houseboat. Yes, the sea has a certiant mystic allure, and all of that charm, mystery, and intrigue is captured in this lifeboat station. From the painted wood doors to the stone walls and anchor garden, this captures the spray of the sea, calls of the gulls, and sound of the shrieking wind. And with an unflipable lifeboat, , the call of the sea is sure to reach the ears of these adventurous minifigures.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

9mm and a Three-Peice Suit

Courtesy Olivander's Men's Clothing by Cunctator
12 Adogin Lane- (BTT) Magic wands just aren't as popular as they used to be, and Mr. Olivander found that end's just weren't meeting for his wand shop, so he closed up and stared into the men's fashion industry! This Modular has quite an interesting colour palette, focusing on secondary and tertiary colours, with nary a red, blue or yellow in sight. The building has a regal air, with the gilded fencing on the roof, cast iron lamps on the second floor, and a perfectly blemish-free sidewalk. It almost puts a spell on you, doesn't it?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Regent Business

Blueberry Hill Shopping Center
Courtesy Blueberry Hill Shopping Centre by spacecolonel
Regency Square- (BTT) As is the trend, outdoor malls are becoming all the rage these days. You can look at all of the unique facades, while not feeling trapped in the routine blandness of a regular mall. Walking along one, it's quite easy to see why the new format is preferred, and this MOC is blazing the path of the outdoor mall. With signs advertising its goods, beautiful bark blue striping, and mellow an accents, this business draws in customers by the dozens. The lettering up top, as well as the platform it sits upon is nothing to shake a stick at either.

Also, happy Father's day to all of the AFOLs out there who are/ are soon to be dads! Enjoy your day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Courtesy French Mansion by castor-troy

Nice, France- (BTT) Living in the lap of luxury is hard work. There's the constant presence of beautiful sunsets, that gleaming architecture, and too many choices of amenities. But, if you can handle the rough-and-tumble lifestyle of the rich and famous, then you can live in a beautiful hose like this. While this MOC by Castor-troy is technically still a WIP, it shines with beauty, like a lighthouse on a stormy sea.There are no shots of the interior yet, but based on his other creations, it'll be great. The tan brickwork is especially great when representing French architecture, and the building has many great shapes working together to make a highly unique corner building.

Timely Fashion

Hats & Clocks: Front
Courtesy Hats and Clocks by cimddwc
Stetson Street - (BTT) It seems that wearing hats has fallen out of favor lately, or at least those that aren't embellished with the logos of professional sports teams (and big gold stickers that people seem adverse to removing for reasons beyond this author). Doing their part to try and make the world just a little more dignified is the hat store which occupies half of the ground floor of this stunning apartment building. To make sure you stay punctual as well as dapper, head next door to the clock shop and select the timeless timepiece of your desires. Those lucky enough to live upstairs will find themselves very comfortable with an eat-in kitchen, flat screen TV, and even a little nook for a home office.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Morning Glory

Courtesy Untitled by at94
West Side- (BTT) Who knew that so much character could fit into something as small as this? It seems to tell a story of its life, from the time it was new, and the future looked bright, to now, with it fighting for its last gasp of air. Hopefully some kind citizen will appear one day, and rescue this building, and return it to its prior glory. As for the building side of this MOC, all is excellent. The slightly askew tiles, entropy of the sidewalk, and offset of the windows all lend to a unique style of something that appears to be broken, but was simply made to be that way.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Kids on the Block

Container House
Courtesy Container House by Puriri deVry
Minimalist Lane- (BTT) Often, what we associate as 'modern architecture' is really done in a minimalist deign style. Using boxy shapes and unique arrangements of prefabricate pieces to try to elicit a unique shape and feel. Not too dissimilar from building with Lego bricks, which is why this MOC is such a striking example of what can be achieved. Using only basic Lego colours, and nothing more complex, Puriri deVry has created a hyper-realistic (if not hyper-common) representation of a type of building we are seeing more and more of these days.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big City Dreams

Tomato Street 3
Courtesy Tomato Street 3 by spacecolonel
5th Street- (BTT) Often, people will come to big cities with big dreams, big ambition, but a small pocketbook. That's where terraced housing becomes such a beautiful concept. Not only is it cheap enough for the average citizen to afford, it fits together like a stack of bricks, saving precious space. This little apartment has some great perks- an interesting second floor column, the white awnings above the windows, and the great technic piece usage at the tip of the roof. Even the Statue of Liberty decided to donate some parts to  this MOC!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cast Iron Corner

Courtesy Bank by 99mickey_mouse99
Business District- (BTT) While this building may not have as many precise details as an official Modular set, it sure makes up for it in overall appeal. Somehow, the dark red, and two shades of tan, with black highlights seem to give this building a highly desirable character. It has a very unique facade, using bricks that appear to be plates and tiles snotted together, and with and interesting, angular bay window corner. Not only does it look good alone, it matches exquisitely with the existing modulars, and a suitable replacement for a certain Cafe.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Colour Spotting

Tomato Street 4
Courtesy Tomato Street 4 by spacecolonel
Tomato Street, Table Town- (BTT) Nothing brightens up your day like a beautiful splash of colour. Maybe it's a butterfly's wing, or the budding flowers on the tree outside of your window, or even a blazing bright sports car, passing by your office window. Regardless of what it is, it 's likely to bring a smile to your face, and brighten your look at life. This building has just that splash of colour, in the form of the upstairs facade. There's also the great use of the pearl gold rod pieces, and the technic pin balconies. So, not only does this MOC embody the feel of an Art Deco terraced building, it also has some great hidden gems.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Painted Lady

Courtesy San Francisco Victorian House by Brick City Depot
San Francisco, California, U.S.A.- (BTT) In sharp contrast from yesterday's post, here's a building that could've easily fallen into disrepair, if not for the passionate efforts of a small group of people in San Francisco. Based of of San Francisco's Painted Ladies, this great little Victorian Modular fits the bill of a beautiful, older house in a sparkly, new city. The combination of dark green, white, and dark tan works especially well on this MOC, as well as the tall outdoor staircase. The building also sports a full interior, complete with excellently designed bath and bed!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

One Man's Trash

Courtesy Untitled by at94
Detroit, Michigan- (BTT) With the tough economic times that hit the United States, and the world recently, some places weren't hit as hard as Detroit. With a city built around the automotive business, major bailouts of the main automotive makers doesn't bode well for the city. This MOC, built at the beginning of the economic crisis, this MOC produces a perfect image of abandoned buildings, or those on their last legs. The cracked sidewalk,broken fire escapes, and downed power lines are all great details of decapitation, but through all of the gloom, a few bright spots shine out. A couple of beautiful flowers seemed to have been able to get a new lease on life in the cracks of the dying buildings.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Courtesy Home Insurance Building by gordangrguric
Home Insurance Building, Chicago, Illinois- (BTT) Words barely have the power to describe the awe that I felt when I saw this MOC. Sure, many have successfully built skyscrapers before (DecoJim), but even those haven't made my jaw drop as it did on this one. The way all of the windows are in different states of shading, jut as in real life, the stonework, and even the fantastic colouring are all things to gawk at. Another amazing point is that it breaks up into 60 (!) modules, for easy transport, of course! Above all of that, since the building was demolished years ago, all he had to go off of were some black and white pictures on the Internet. Talk about a Herculean feat!

Also, this is the beginning to a great week of programming, starting tomorrow, and continuing until next Sunday, or indefinitely!

Highlight on Cuusoo

Hello all of you Brick Town Talk readers!

As many of you know, Lego has recently implemented a crowd sourcing project, called Lego Cuusoo. It is set up so any user who is above 18 can submit a project that they would like to see become a Lego product. It the project can get 10,000 supporters, then a team of Lego designers will review it, and if it passes review, will begin the process of becoming an actual Lego product.

So I'm here today to inform you on some great Lego Cuusoo products that would be great for Modular builders. First, there's the Themed brick box:

This project consists of multiple 'brick boxes', all specific to a certiant Lego theme, including the Modular Buildings series! Here's a brief description from the creator:
"Themed Brick Boxes would work the same way as the generic brick boxes that currently exist. The difference would lie in the unique pieces commonly found within a series, including colored bricks that fit the brand colors of the series.

This concept utilizes the licenses LEGO currently has and would only repurpose the bricks/pieces and containers that the company currently produces. Each new series can utilize this type of product.  "

Secondly, there's the Landscaping kit:

What this set would consist of would be three different, brick built trees, great additions to any City or Modular park or office garden!

So, if you can, please go support these projects, and help the owners to the lofty goal of 10,000!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Natural Beauty

Courtesy Museum of Natural History by RedCoKid
New York, New York- (BTT) When it comes to places to visit in New York, the Natural History Museum is often mentioned. Not only is it the subject of some movies (Night in the Museum), it's also a national landmark. When it comes to recreating such a famous building, RedCoKid (Rox Your Blox) doesn't disappoint. And not only is it a faithful recreation, it's also a Modular Building! The dome at the top is worthy of much note, using angle plates and curved slopes to recreate the shape. The building also makes use of another ancient artifact: the grey brick bricks from Helm's Deep!

Also, sorry about the lull in posting over the last week, I had computer issues, and Jonathan was on vacation! We'll be back to posting semi-regularly now, but in the meantime, you guys keep on building, and post your MOCs to the Cafe Corner pool on Flickr. It's a surefire way to make sure we see it!