Sunday, June 17, 2012

Timely Fashion

Hats & Clocks: Front
Courtesy Hats and Clocks by cimddwc
Stetson Street - (BTT) It seems that wearing hats has fallen out of favor lately, or at least those that aren't embellished with the logos of professional sports teams (and big gold stickers that people seem adverse to removing for reasons beyond this author). Doing their part to try and make the world just a little more dignified is the hat store which occupies half of the ground floor of this stunning apartment building. To make sure you stay punctual as well as dapper, head next door to the clock shop and select the timeless timepiece of your desires. Those lucky enough to live upstairs will find themselves very comfortable with an eat-in kitchen, flat screen TV, and even a little nook for a home office.

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