Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gradient Grandeur

Full view 3
Courtesy Pet Shop Block by cimddwc
Row House Hill - (BTT) It seems that sloping streets are all the rage, and for a very good reason. Ten unique buildings make up the street, housing everything from from travel agents to psychiatrists. If you aren't in the mood to navigate the changes in elevations on foot, fear not - there are both trolley cars and subway trains at your disposal. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Planning for the Holidays

Courtesy Christmas Scene by Joaquin 
Modularville - (BTT) While the focus of this site is to showcase great architecture, in the real world great urban planning is just as important, if not more so, in creating a successful city. The six buildings pictured here will be instantly familiar to most of you, but their arrangement on a gently sloping hill fronting a park is completely unique. Decked out for Christmas, this town is without doubt a hit with the locals - from the window shoppers to the kids enjoying the snow, everyone seems filled with holiday cheer.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gas and Go

Art deco petrol station (Esso = Exxon-Mobile in Europe)
Courtesy Art Deco Petrol Station by Henrik Hoexbroe
Royville, France - (BTT) What could be a more fitting place for an Art Deco masterpiece than the country that coined the term. The wonderful curved facades, striped in the colors of the French flag, gives this petrol station a streamlined look that would have complimented the automobiles of the era. 

The Railroad Starts Here

Terminal Station by peachtree
Train Terminal - (BTT) Stepping off the train at this station leaves visitors in awe. The ornate stairway entrance, the cafe, and the restaurant are just the start of it.Once the visitors exit the building, they can turn around and take a glance at this magnificent structure in brown and tan brickwork. It's sure to bring in the trains, and the visitors. A terrific structure to say the least.

Brains vs. Brawn

Superman & Young Justice vs. Brainiac
Courtesy The Daily Planet by Xenomurphy
The Daily Planet - (BTT) It appears Superman has his work cut out for him. While attempting to fight off one of Braniac's robots, two more are busy ripping apart the building. It's a real shame, because this is a fantastic piece of architecture. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a safe and memorable Christmas! Sorry for the lack of posts, but we got other things going on too!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh, Canada!

Supreme Court of Canada
Courtesy Supreme Court of Canada by -greenglo-
Supreme Court Building, Canada - (BTT) Looks like LEGO is finding its way into the most unusual of places. It's an imposing structure. Built to uphold the law of the land. Where even the most mundane of disputes are settled and laws are reviewed with the utmost prudence. Maybe someday you'll be involved in some case and may find this LEGO model standing in the Canadian Department of Justice.

Get a job as a LEGO Master Model Builder!

I was recently contacted by Emma Kivette of BRAVE Public Relations on a new job opening for the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta. Here's what she had to say:

"I’m hoping you might be able to share the following information with your readers. If you’d like any additional details, please let me know!   

Can you build anything and everything out of LEGO bricks? If so, sign up to try out for a full-time position as the Master Model Builder at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta before December 30! Interested candidates must register in advance by visiting the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta’s Facebook page and filling out the online application.   

Open auditions will be held on January 7, and the top 10 contenders will face off on January 8.   

To learn more about the position and competition, check out these videos:


Emma Kylee Kivette | BRAVE Public Relations"

Hope we have some interested viewers put there! So sign up while you still can!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cabin Fever

Winter Village: Log Cabin 3
Courtesy Log Cabin by Jameson42
Old Conifer Lane - (BTT) Nothing says winter like a log cabin in the woods. There is something just undeniably cozy about curling up in front of a fire with a good book surrounded by the natural materials that make up this secluded getaway. No need for a big screen TV or smartphone out here, but do invest in a decent shovel - you're going to need it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Life in the Big House

Courtesy A Big Family House by Cooler TD
Manor Drive - (BTT) Now here's a stately estate - just add 2.5 kids and a dog and you're truly living the dream. Should you ever feel that the walls are closing in on you, not that you likely would given the ample square footage of this beautifully proportioned home, there is a front garden complete with a bench to sit and have your morning coffee. While not the white picket fence of the suburban ideal, this stone number certainly gives a better feeling of protection. Feel free to join the discussion at the Eurobricks forums.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Paint the Town Red

Courtesy Red and Tan House by paostmo
Terrace Row - (BTT) When you live in a townhouse, it can often be hard to express your individuality when your home looks identical to dozens of others on the block. The owners here have found a simple but effective solution - painting the ground level facade a brilliant shade of dark red. The result actually works in harmony with the tan walls above, assuring that they get noticed without upsetting the historic fabric of the neighborhood.

Inspiration of the Day - 12/11/11

Before the Addition
Courtesy Stockholm Public Library by halinge
Stockholm, Sweden - (BTT) Designed by Gunnar Asplund, quite possibly Sweden's most celebrated architect, the Stockholm Public Library is a stunning example of the rather short-lived Nordic Classicism style. Completed in 1928, it was the first library in Sweden that had open shelves accessible to the public without the need for a librarian - the grand interior was specifically designed to show off the collection and allow its visitors to browse unaided. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Protect and Serve

Courtesy Police Headquarters by nuno2500
Lawful Boulevard - (BTT) It's often a thankless job, and certainly not one without risk, but the great men and women at the police department take it in stride. Headquartered in the handsome stone building above, which provides plenty of space for both vehicles and the officers to drive them, it's nice to know that those who devote their life to protect the public are themselves well protected from the elements.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Portrait of Ruin

Ashmore Estates 6
Courtesy Ashmore Estates by ZombieMutts
Abandoned Alley - (BTT) In the real estate world, where they are prone to put a positive spin on even the most dire dwellings, this "handyman special" just needs "a little TLC." In the real world, or quite possibly a post-apocalyptic one, a bulldozer might come in handy more than a hammer and a can of paint. Still, it's clear that this house (or at least what parts haven't been overrun by the local flora) has a lot of character and might be worth salvaging should anyone feel especially ambitious.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Animal Farm

Courtesy Avalonian Farm by ZCerberus 
Livestock Lane - (BTT) It's good to get away from the city once and a while, and this little farmhouse is about as charming as they come. Little details abound on the facade - especially nice are the sand green shingles on the top floor.

Inspiration of the Day - 12/4/11

Geisel Library
Courtesy Geisel Library by Chimay Bleue
University of California, San Diego - (BTT) Easily one of the most iconic examples of brutalist architecture, the Geisel Library (named after at Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel) the UCSD campus looks straight out a sci-fi movie - no surprise it has been featured in several over the years. Architect William Pereira, who completed this library in 1970, was truly one of the masters of the style, and the state of California is home to dozens of landmark worthy buildings of his work. While there are still a lot of people in which brutalism is remembered less than fondly, there has been a bit of a traction in the preservation movement as of late - it's worth remembering that more than just classically designed buildings are worth saving.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Grand Catastrophe

Courtesy Hoppla! by - 2x4 -
Lookout Avenue - (BTT) Moving into a new apartment can be a stressful experience. You finally find the perfect place - top floor, spacious, and windows large to fit a grand piano - but you blew your savings on the security deposit and had to settle for a third rate moving company. Although the discount rope certainly isn't helping matters, one can't feel that the mysterious man in the dark cloak eyeing the red-headed businessman has something to do with this unfortunate musical mishap.