LEGO Sorting Tips

Organizing your LEGO collection can be a hassle, especially when it's never been done before. It takes up a lot of time, but the pay off is definitely worth it. Models are built in half the time, your work area is not a mess anymore, and better ideas and techniques can be implemented with a variety of pieces within reach. Hopefully, this page will offer a little help to get you organizing your LEGO collection as well as speed up and focus your building time.

Organizing by Color

This is usually the most simple and straightforward method of organizing your pieces. Your reds, yellows, blues, whites, and so on all have their individual bins. For more rare colors, combine these into their own bins, or the color they match with most closely; depending on how many you have.

Organizing by Type

This is the most time consuming and difficult of the sorting process. A 30-odd sorting tray organizer (like the one showed below) is your best bet for achieving this. They're stack-able, easy to get to, and look professional. Regardless of the size of your LEGO collection, put your MOST used pieces in these. These include but are not limited to small bricks, tiles, plates; poles, flags, pinholes; tires, wheels, axles; windshields, doors, windows; slopes, hinges, gears; and minifigure heads, accessories, and head-ware. The list can go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

Using a Mix of the Two

What I have found most beneficial (and probably others) is using a mix of the two. Organizing everything by color would still be very time consuming even during building and organizing everything by type would take up too much space in your room. There are literally dozens and dozens of different pieces manufactured by LEGO. So, depending on the size and variety of your collection, do what's best for you in mixing the organization methods.

Keep up the building!