Thursday, December 27, 2012

10232 Palace Cinema

10232 Palace Cinema by The LEGO Group (courtesy GRogall at Eurobricks)
What an exciting way to end the year! Although the next LEGO modular has been long rumored to be a theater, Eurobricks user GRogall once again provides the fan community with the first picture and information of the next set to hit shelves with the 10232 Palace Cinema. Clearly drawing inspiration from Hollywood's famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, this set should set you back less than this year's rather grand Town Hall. As a classic movie theater fan (the cinema this is inspired from dates back to 1926 - roughly the time that the more well known Art Deco theaters started springing up), I personally couldn't be more excited. Details are still scarce, so as always I recommend watching Eurobricks to get the latest info and images as they will no doubt start trickling in.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Good-bye to 2012 (and to Hyphens)

Like the majestic phoenix rising from the flames, or perhaps more aptly like a zombie clumsily staggering towards an easy meal, it's hard to keep Brick Town Talk down for good. It might have taken a few flesh wounds in 2012, but thankfully it dodged the all important headshot.

If you are reading this, you will see that we are now on our new domain - As it likes to do, life sometimes gets in the way, and as such the old domain is currently in limbo for the time being. The plus side is now you will be able to visit us even faster than before now that you don't have to type those time-consuming hyphens - you could (and should) update your bookmarks to reflect this change.

There are still some things that don't work correctly, but the basic blog should be more or less fine. I'm going to slowly work on getting everything back to where it was as well as implement a few enhancements here or there - nothing drastic, mostly just hair and make-up. Thankfully I am able to do this now that I am a site administrator instead of just an author.

It's been a crazy year for sure. For me personally it has seen the completion of my two largest MOCs to date, my work appearing in two museums (including 7 of my modulars currently at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in CT as part of a collaboration with I LUG NY which will remain until the end of January) as well as multiple rotations in the Rockefeller Center LEGO Store, and learning that other people have been creating instructions of my work without asking and then selling them online - be weary of any instructions you find of my Bricklyn Borough Courthouse floating around. Still, compared to the world at large and some of the recent headlines in it, any triumphs or failures on the part of this site and its admins are extremely minor indeed.

So again I will utter my favorite phase of the past year - thank you for your patience. 

Here's to the New Year,

- Jonathan

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Terrific Terminal

Courtesy Train Station by BelosveT
London, England - (BTT) The United States might hold a lot of titles, but being the train friendliest nation will never be one of them. Should you take a trip across the pond, though, you'll be riding the rails like a pro in no time. While the journey is no doubt one of the perks, it's really the destination that makes you buy that ticket in the first place, and there are few destinations finer than this train station. The main public entry is on axis with a public square, giving an even more impressive civic presence. Keep your eyes on the departure board and make your way trackside once it's time to go - punctuality is everything to your average conductor after all.

Emerald City Accommodations

Lion Heart Hotel
Courtesy Lion Heart Hotel by kjw010
Not In Kansas - (BTT) Appropriately named for a tin man in the lobby, the Lion Heart Hotel boasts some of the finest in hospitality on either side of the rainbow. Easily recognizable by its dark green exterior with a pair of lions standing guard at the crown, the simple but polished details give an excellent sense of what to expect inside. Grand lobbies and spacious rooms make this a cut above your standard home away from home - there really is no place like it.

Living Large

Courtesy Herenhuis by PoweredbyNorth
Amsterdam, Netherlands - (BTT) Amsterdam might not be the largest city in the world, but you'd never know that by reading this blog. Once again we find ourselves wandering the great canal town only to stumble upon an architectural gem. Perhaps the first thing that pops out on this wonderfully designed facade is the shutters - the blue diamonds adding an extra richness to the already beautiful composition. Once you go inside, you'll quickly realize that this is more than just a pretty shell. The diamond motif carries through to the pattern on the ground floor, and the upper levels are no less compelling.

Building by the Half-Dozen

Courtesy Canal Houses by deborah higdon
Amsterdam, Netherlands - (BTT) If variety is the spice of life, your better be careful you don't burn your tongue on this charming streetscape. Six homes make up the block, each one different than the next in both size and palette. Even more impressive is the range of architectural styles to be found - nearly every window is unique, and tons of little ornamental details are just waiting to be discovered by those willing to look for them (and everyone reading this should). Yet despite all the differences, you'd be hard pressed to find a more harmonious arrangement of apartments anywhere.

Mending a Masterpiece

Digital StillCamera
Courtesy MaesHouse by TwoKnightsBicycle
Belgium - (BTT) While nothing lasts forever, some things try their darnedest to prove that statement wrong. Thankfully, great architecture is often one such thing. Currently undergoing some minor repairs to the extraordinary ground floor facade (and honestly, who doesn't need a little lift and tuck after a few centuries?) MaesHouse stands just a proud as the day it first opened. Beyond the wood trimmed windows and carved stone detailing lies a very eclectic interior - from an ancient Egyption sarcophagus to a bright and cheery studio apartment, this is one building that continues to surprise both inside and out.

Gas and Grub

Courtesy ER0L's Garage by ER0L
Route 66 - (BTT) There is a certain appeal to the 1950's that seems to be more universal than any other era. The hot rods, the poodle skirts, the rock and roll - all things easy to romanticize about while still being sufficiently modern enough to seem relatable today. After all, if you are going to transport yourself somewhere in the past, you might as well pick a time that had flush toilets and televisions, even if they weren't as thin as colorful as you are accustomed to now. Pull up a seat at the counter of the V8 Diner and get yourself a burger and a malt, and enjoy being able to fill your tank at the neighboring gas station for less than the price of your typical Starbucks latte.