Thursday, August 30, 2012

Higher Education

Courtesy Apple Square University by RedCoKid
Graduation Boulevard - (BTT) Not all universities need their buildings to be placed along quadrangles and covered in ivy - such space (and flora) is a luxury many urban campuses just don't have access to. Located in the heart of downtown and occupying a block appropriate for their name, the Apple Square University provides those academically minded a brilliant home for their brilliant ideas. Each floor is dedicated to a different discipline and all are flooded with natural light thanks to a central atrium with an ample skylight above. Quite the payoff for all that fancy book learnin'.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Going for Gold

Mod Bld Sherlock Holmes
Courtesy Sherlock Holmes Pub by p e d
London, England - (BTT) The Olympics have come and gone, so Londoners once again can return to their local pubs without being outnumbered by a flock of tourists. Occupying the ground floor of this gorgeous Georgian townhouse is the Sherlock Holmes Pub, named for a character that has seen quite a spike in popularity as of late. The gold trim along the entry facade as well as the golden accents on the floors above give this place a certain touch of class lacking in most buildings - not to mention the fact it compliments so many of the medals handed out to the great people of Britain these past weeks. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gaming Goodness

Brickin' Games (2)
Courtesy Brickin' Games by DarthNick
D-Pad Drive - (BTT) The gaming industry is certainly at a bit of a crossroads lately. Physical copies or digital distribution? $60 epics or 99¢ time wasters? Analog sticks and buttons or motion controls and touch screens? Whether this is exciting or frightening is a matter of opinion, but the fine folks at Brickin' Games have done their finger exercises and are ready to code the next great blockbuster. Working in their Mies van der Rohe-esque modernist headquarters - the dark steel exterior contrasting brilliantly with the bright and cheery interior - this company truly has an office as slick as their products.