Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brickston Borough

Mad physicist does it again with this amazing rendition of a small London street scene, the Brickston Borough. I for one am very fond of that elevated railway erected behind the buildings, a detail usually overlooked among LEGO town builders. It adds that cramped and busy environment usually associated with cities, making it all the more realistic. I hope to see more CC buildings in the months to come from this great builder. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WIP - The Queen Vic

Spent the afternoon in the loft. I hope some people from the UK will recognise this famous building. If not I've added a clue.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Alternate Windows

Here are the pics I promised of alternative windows for The Grand Emporium. If I were to do this properly I would choose one style. What do you think?

Ice Cream Van

I built the van a while a go. Just got the glossy stickers at the weekend. I hope this model will join many others in the layout I will be putting together in my new house this year. I've been promised a whole LEGO room. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Teddy Strolls into the Post Office

I absolutely love the choice of colors for this build by Teddy (Johan.) Reminds me a lot like spaghetti or something, which is not a bad thing at all. Notice how he also threw in the brick built signs similar to those from Grand Emporium, great touch. The second floor windows have an awesome degree of detail, supported by a solid and well designed first floor. Those pillars are perfect.

And, as if it couldn't get any better, it features a full fledged interior.

6 - Wide Van

Check out misterzumbi's other vehicles.

Two Towers

By Subix.

A Medieval Market!

Interesting Set of Extensions

By NewManlLego. It's good to see that these two sets are still going strong and inspiring MOCers all across the world.

Orange Building

This building is apparently in draft form. Looks pretty good as it is. It was created by whatsthejob.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Moving Review.

Before we all return to the drudge of our working days - I thought I'd bring you this film that I have made. You have seen the pictures before, but there are some moving images towards the end. Enjoy. Feel free to add this video to your website (as long as you credit it of course).

Finally - Hats off to Jamie Berard and The LEGO Group - an instant classic set.

GE 10211 - The Roof

The final stage of this epic build. I have to say I was going quite slowly because one I wanted to enjoy it and two because both of my beautiful cats love to flick the pieces I'm building all over the place. Well, what can I say - There are fantastic features in this set including the chandelier, the scooter, the window cleaner, the mannequins, the dark green canopies, the ice cream stand, the dolls house, the dark green windows 50+ in all, the shop sign, the man getting changed etc etc. The overall shape is quite different to the Cafe Corner as it has a rounded (corner) and the shop floors extend right to the back of the plates. I notice that the back of the building really doesn't have any detail. In my layout you wouldn't be able to see it anyway so I'm glad more attention has been paid to the interior details.
The price is high, but I would buy this set whatever the price, and spend a day of my life building and reviewing it. I'm guessing a lot of people are being put off by the price per piece ratio - maybe the reason its been removed from the LEGO Shop @ Home sites is they're reviewing the price?
If I had to change anything it would be to uncover some of those beautiful dark green windows. That's all though. I'm going to add to the stock by putting in the toys from the City Advent Calendar and The Winter Toy Shop, and I have other bits and pieces to flesh out the interior. I will try my hardest to post pics by the end of the week. Any questions you have, feel free to ask.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

GE 10211 - Second Floor.

Wow - the chandelier is amazing! On this floor there are some toys, a dolls house (or maybe a LEGO house), a scooter and two balls. I will complete the review as soon as I can, but it may not be this evening. Thank you to all the people who have visited the Blog today, I hope you've enjoyed it so far.

GE 10211 - First Floor Finished

Lots of lovely windows. Just like I have plans for my Fire Brigade, I think once I have built the Grand Emporium I will expose some of the windows by taking out some of the log bricks. It is becoming my favourite modular building and I haven't finished it yet.

GE 10211 - Dark Tan 1 x 2 Plates

This stage uses 28 dark tan 1 x 2 plates - just like the Medieval Market. Please can we have some longer plates in this colour too LEGO people? I forgot to mention that this level the walls are tan and dark tan. The ground floor walls are light bluish grey with tan details. I really like the roundedness of the front corner.

GE 10211 Starting the First Floor

Here are pictures of the parts from the bag 2s. I have put all the glass in the windows already for this floor. There will be the same number for the next floor too - love the colour. I can't stop looking at the ground floor it is so full of detail. Finally I have taken a picture of the new arch piece. There are 6 tan and 22 white of these new pieces in this set.

GE 10211 - Ground Floor Finished

GE 10211 - Canopies