Saturday, February 6, 2010

GE 10211 Minifigures, and Pieces from bag 1

Here are the minifigures. I love the guy who is changing his trousers. I had to use two trays for the pieces from BAG 1s. I was also surprised by the new dark green piece being quite solid. Feel free to ask anything throughout the afternoon.


  1. That grey piece in the bottom picture is really cool. Did they just start making those? That could seriously come in handy in the building I'm currently working on...

  2. They started making them last (2009) year for the LEGO Games. They have started to appear in this year's set now.

  3. Too bad the minifig faces are plain ones.... I don't like that kind of face that much. It makes the minifigs look all the same....creepy... XD
    Still an awsome set. I'll surelly buy one!!... and then MOD it into an war zone or something >:D


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