Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Moving Review.

Before we all return to the drudge of our working days - I thought I'd bring you this film that I have made. You have seen the pictures before, but there are some moving images towards the end. Enjoy. Feel free to add this video to your website (as long as you credit it of course).

Finally - Hats off to Jamie Berard and The LEGO Group - an instant classic set.


  1. Are there any interesting pictures/advertisements for new sets at the end of the instruction manual?

  2. They're the same as the other 2010 sets. The other pictures are of The Emerald Night, Grand Carousel etc.

  3. I love the modular houses and this is an amazing looking set. I'd just cry if lego didn't release this in the UK!

  4. hey, they finally put this back on the Lego Shop-at-Home site. they took it out for a couple of days. i dunno why.


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