Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Call of the Sea

The Old Lifeboat Station
Courtesy The Old Lifeboat Station by Derfel Cadran
Seashore Drive- (BTT) The sea calls some men like an owner calls his dog. And many answer that call, from fishermen, to naval officers, to recreational boaters, and even those who will commit themselves to a life on the sea in a houseboat. Yes, the sea has a certiant mystic allure, and all of that charm, mystery, and intrigue is captured in this lifeboat station. From the painted wood doors to the stone walls and anchor garden, this captures the spray of the sea, calls of the gulls, and sound of the shrieking wind. And with an unflipable lifeboat, , the call of the sea is sure to reach the ears of these adventurous minifigures.

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