Thursday, June 7, 2012

Natural Beauty

Courtesy Museum of Natural History by RedCoKid
New York, New York- (BTT) When it comes to places to visit in New York, the Natural History Museum is often mentioned. Not only is it the subject of some movies (Night in the Museum), it's also a national landmark. When it comes to recreating such a famous building, RedCoKid (Rox Your Blox) doesn't disappoint. And not only is it a faithful recreation, it's also a Modular Building! The dome at the top is worthy of much note, using angle plates and curved slopes to recreate the shape. The building also makes use of another ancient artifact: the grey brick bricks from Helm's Deep!

Also, sorry about the lull in posting over the last week, I had computer issues, and Jonathan was on vacation! We'll be back to posting semi-regularly now, but in the meantime, you guys keep on building, and post your MOCs to the Cafe Corner pool on Flickr. It's a surefire way to make sure we see it!

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