Saturday, June 9, 2012


Courtesy Home Insurance Building by gordangrguric
Home Insurance Building, Chicago, Illinois- (BTT) Words barely have the power to describe the awe that I felt when I saw this MOC. Sure, many have successfully built skyscrapers before (DecoJim), but even those haven't made my jaw drop as it did on this one. The way all of the windows are in different states of shading, jut as in real life, the stonework, and even the fantastic colouring are all things to gawk at. Another amazing point is that it breaks up into 60 (!) modules, for easy transport, of course! Above all of that, since the building was demolished years ago, all he had to go off of were some black and white pictures on the Internet. Talk about a Herculean feat!

Also, this is the beginning to a great week of programming, starting tomorrow, and continuing until next Sunday, or indefinitely!

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