Monday, August 27, 2007

TLS Berlin Part 1

I've been studying these models all day (see the full collection here). Thank you for your message Akos. Such a wide range of techniques. Akos has also sent me pictures of his own models (see part 2). Amazing.


  1. Sorry for the quality - I only have an old mid-range camera and the light was not really good to shoot without flash. I could have also used a tripod. Hopefully there will be better pics on BrickShelf soon.

  2. Amazing so much details in such a small area!

    And Akos the pictures are not bad I can clearly see all the details.

    Oh and look there's Jamie's building!

  3. I wish I could see these pictures! It looks like Brickshelf is down again. I hope it comes back soon ...

  4. Who know if it's comming back...

  5. Hey,

    According to this:
    Jamie's great town hall was supposed to be the prize for the best in show of the Cafe Corner layout. Does anyone know who won?


  6. I heard of that too and I don't really know who did... Well we have to admit that Jamie had a pretty good competition!


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