Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I had this wonderful dream last night. I think it was because I managed to get some quality time in the loft before I went to bed. I was lucky enough to get some carpet tiles from work and some metal table legs for free. I went to B & Q and got some chip board and I've made myself a large table for my layout. Whilst in B & Q I noticed that the carpet tiles are £1.98 each - which cheered me up a lot. I've still got about two days worth of clearing up and painting I think before I can get back to building models (at last). I'm desperate to post some pictures of my MOCs, as I haven't built anything of my own for months.


  1. Well then i'm looking foward to see your display!

    Do you have any new buildings?

  2. Not yet - I'm afraid. Couple of days away from building - can't wait.


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