Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Market Street.

Available at LEGO Shop @ Home - yey!!! £59.99.


  1. I was just about to post a comment about this here :)

    I hope they keep this theme. It's one of the best Lego has ever done.

  2. I totally agree. I was about to put my LEGO habit to rest, then I saw a preview of The Cafe Corner and I was hooked again. Its bridged the gap between the LEGOLAND buildings and us mere mortals.

    I understand more sets are already designed for future release.

  3. I kinda stopped buying LEGO sets about 3 years ago, so I could dedicate my resources (time and money) to builing MOCs. Personally, I will not buy Café Corner or any of the upcoming sets unless perhaps for parts. (I decided that my diorama will only consist of MOC items.) In fact, when Café Corner was announced I was mad because I had already built six houses. Also, I thought that everyone was going to be assuming that my MOCs had been inspired by the Café Corner set, while the truth is that when I started Café Corner did not even exist. But I thought it over and decided that the best I could do was converting my houses to follow the new standard. This is a great system that gives town-heads a chance to build in a similar fashion that spacers established with the moonbase standard.

  4. Hi there akos can u show us some of your creations? just curious ;)

  5. Hi Roger - if you click my name it will open my MOCPages profile with some of my creations. Brick Street was very kind to include this under Useful Links section. My collection of CC buildings are in this folder: http://www.mocpages.com/folder.php/14643

    Right now I am finishing another corner-house and I am already planning my next one which will be a conversion of an existing MOC.


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