Sunday, June 24, 2007

Corner Street.

Tacvud's creations


  1. Hi all.

    I am pleased to see my creations on this blog.

  2. Like others, I have been fascinated by the 10182 set. It has set up very high standards for town builders. I admired the fine details, almost realistic proportions and rich though decent colour scheme of the Cafe. It has been a challenge for me to try to build neighborhoods in similar style. Some of my buildings are still WIP. I am trying different concepts, colour alternatives, etc.

    The street is going to be the Main street in my city that will run along my Railway station.

    The residential houses on the left side of the street have been built according to real villas (in my favourite Art Nouveau style) in my home city - Liberec in the Czech Republic.
    More pictures and more MOCs are on my BS page.

  3. I have to say that the Tan coloured building of yours is excellent. It fits in perfectly with the Cafe Corner and I think I will have to 'borrow' your ideas and build one!

  4. Hi Tacvud,

    Are you going to TSL Berlin this year? I hope I will be able to go and bring some of my CC houses. I will also ask Jindroush how much stuff the Kostky delegation will bring. We could ask the organizers to allocate space for Kostky and MALUG right next to each other. Maybe we could do a group layout.

  5. Hi Akos.

    First, congratulations to your excellent buildings and their very original concept!

    About TSL: I am not considering my participation there. It is not easy to transport those larger MOCs and also my free time is rather limited, unfortunatelly.

    Anyway, I hope that this year's TSL will be a great event.

  6. Ok, I know this is nearly a year late-and no-ones probably gonna read this but tacvud - you are
    AWESOME! how do you dit it-ive downloaded april 08s picture on my desktop and- psst- could you give me some hints/instructions....

  7. Roger incase you read this-wait-ok. read this: Post 13 of

    Not much to look at...yet!
    Heres A link here...-ok not yet know how to link on comments - but it should go to brickshelf-my gallery lol! :)
    Still MOC building but need model townhouse and large basic bricks box to complete carborg st (Motel, Salon and a Newsagent) coming off Cafe Street. Ive got a theory. The door Adress of CC could be 10182,
    the door adress of GG could be 10185..ect
    Happy building


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