Monday, June 18, 2007

Drug Store.

Akos' Drug Store.


  1. Thanks for posting. It is not quite ready. I had to order some tan headlight bricks and 1x1 tiles.

  2. Nice one there Akos!

    There are missing some tiles aren't there?

  3. Roger - Thanks! Yes, the tiles are missing, I already ordered them. It is in my comment. :-) I could have substituted them with brown tiles but they are only deco, not structural parts so it will be easer to add the ones in the right color than having to remove the substitute parts to be able to add the final parts. My experience is that modular MOCs are easier to modify.

  4. Yeah I saw your technique and I mut admit its amazing and the best way to transport your stuff.

  5. I transport my LEGO MOCs on a bicycle :-) I usually have to make small adjustments when I arrive but it happened that I had to almost completely rebuild a facade that was a bit too week and fell apart. But it could happen to a properly built 3D building and that would be more difficult to rebuild if it got damaged. Another advantage is storage, these use much less space when not on display. I build these a few years ago:
    They were using flat (2D) components, except for the roofs.
    The small one was constructed so it could be assembled in two different configurations: straight or corner.


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