Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Market Street Pics.

Legotrains has one too...


  1. Hello, I just found out that "Market Street" designer Eric Brok passed away on the 11th of June. I think you should mention this in a post:

  2. Thank you for the news. I had heard that he was very ill but this news has still come as a shock.

    I will certainly pay tribute to him here and in further posts.

  3. I am going to wait just a little while for confirmation of this news on other sites. I have looked at Bricklink, Eurobricks and and there is no news there.

    I hope you appreciate, that out of respect, I will wait for the news to be confirmed.


  4. Of course, I heard it on Bricklink chat and discussion forums but couldn't find any further information either.

  5. There is a thread on Lugnet about it here:

    Very sad news indeed.


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