Monday, June 4, 2007

Akos' Magnificent Street Scene.

Akos - you've really been working hard. Its spooky, but I was thinking of having a barrel organ on my display and my cafe corner has a similar truck to yours parked outside

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  1. Thanks for posting. Actually, I haven't been working especially hard lately - I made some progress that is for sure but I wish I had more time for building. I have been working on this project for about 9 months now. Also, sometimes I feel I'm walking in circles because I constantly go back to completed MOC-s to modify or rebuild them. For example, when I finally decided to implement the CC standard, I had to change the footprint of all my corner houses. They used to be 16x16 and now they are 24x24. Not to mention shopping for tiles to be able to cover an 8-deep sidewalk. My next house will be a rebuild of this one:

    I will switch Orange with DkRed and add some more DkRed because this house was too Yellow. I'm not sure yet what shops it will have.



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