Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back Street.

These views from Hallorenkugel's gallery show the back of Market Street.


  1. Notice the different shades of bricks!
    It actually gives a more realistic look but sometimes you don't want that. In fact Lego is not supposed to be realistic, is it? I'm not sure how I feel about this. What do you think?

  2. I've been reading quite a lot about how people are finding the changes in minifig scale difficult to cope with.

    Personally - I think this move into adult fan sets can only be positive - nobody is forcing anyone to buy them and LEGO are still producing traditional Minifig scale buildings such as the harbor, petrol station and hospital. As for the colours - my understanding of this set is that you use the pieces any way you wish - like the hobby train. The picture on the box is a starter, suggestion model. I have in mind when I build to be as realistic as possible - the only thing I don't really include are things like grafitti and dirt (although I'd like to). LEGO allows people to build in different ways, we shouldn't get hung up on 'fixed' models or ideas... Break it up and start again.

  3. I think zeke02011 refers to variations within the same color. Look at the DkBlue bricks, they are not the the same exact color. I read in Lego Life that the molding machines had been modified so that the color is added during the molding process. (Before this, they used ABS pellets that were already colored.) Perhaps the color variations are a result of inconsistencies in the molding process. I guess if the rate of clear ABS vs. coloring material fluctuates during molding or is different between molding sessions (1x2 bricks vs. 1x4 bricks etc.), you'll get bricks of the "same" color that are not quite the same color.

  4. Yes, dark blue bricks was what I refered to.


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