Friday, June 29, 2007

City Street

RebelRock - You have been busy.


  1. I love that indian building! But I'm not really sure it fits there...

  2. I love it too, but I am not sure that it doesn't fit in.

    It's funny, but I have been looking at all sorts of architecture since the cafe corner came out!

    I wanted to do some more modern buildings as well and was worried they wouldn't fit in, but looking round the city where I live (Exeter, England) there is a huge mix of ages of building right next to each other. For instance there is a Tudor building right next to a glass office block! I guess some of the old part of the city got bombed in WWII, but I guess there is probably a mix in most cities nowadays.

    The shops in our main street are funny as they all have modern-ish glass fronts, but look up and there is a lot of old architecture!

    We have a house in a block here that has been converted into a mosque with a dome on the top, so I think RebelRock's street is spot on!

  3. Maybe you are right if you are talking about the modern cities...

    However you are certainly no used to see dutch buildings near an indian hmm restaurant maybe...

  4. We too have old and new buildings all together here. I think it's a crime to build shiny glassy skyscrappers next to wonderful stone work of arts... :(

    By the way RebelRock could have used a better color scheme. But that junior Tac Mahal is definetely my favorite :) Loved it !!


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