Tuesday, June 12, 2007


From AVCampos' Gallery.


  1. Yes it is a very good MOC not from AVCampos it's from another member of PLUG (portuguese lug) called LTS (Luís trindade santos)

  2. I wrote it was from AVCampos' gallery. But thank you for the extra information.

    How are you? Have you built anything new lately?

  3. Again, a good example of what I call the roadplate-problem. Their approach was to place the CC houses adjacent to the road baseplates without overlapping, but this increases the sidewalk with another 6 studs.

  4. Hi,
    I can see what akos is saying about this problem and I was expecting the pavement/sidewalk to look huge, but I think it looks OK, especially with the cycle path in there. Cycle paths in the UK are Green, so that would give it more variety. I think it gives more room to 'play' with things on the pavement as 8 studs really isn't enough. I was overlapping my CC with my road plates, but think I will change to this method, what do you think?

    This blog is great, keep it up! I think I will start my own blog with Lego things happening in my life and I hope to post loads of comments on here too.

  5. This approach has an advantage, it is the easiest to implement. However, it requires a 8+6=14L tiled sidewalk around the block. So in the end, a 20L road is delimited by 28L sidewalk. The overlapping approach (http://bricktowntalk.blogspot.com/2007/06/burlingtons-layout.html) can be mode diffcult to implement because of the 6L gaps it creates (one would have to erect a 12wide building between two Café Corner sets, for example). But it would use less tiles and the sidewalk to rad proportion would be more realistic. For group layouts, I would probably try to standardize on the adjacent-placement method, where there is no overlapping. For my own purposes, I will experiment with another placement method. My diorama takes place in the past, so I don't want to use baseplates with road patters anyways. I will use 48x48 baseplates that would have tile-covered roads on the edge(es) and the CC-houses would be placed on them without stud-locking. (Baseplate-on-baseplate.)

  6. Nahh I haven't been building much...

    Unless you want to post a LDD creation...


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