Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Future Looks Bright

Courtesy 2063, Seoul by OliveSeon
Seoul, Korea, 2063 - (BTT) Fifty years from now, who knows what the future will hold? Mankind has a fairly horrible track record when it comes to guessing what's still to come. Ask someone fifty years ago what life would be like in our modern day, and I'd bet you would get a lot more predictions of flying cars and moon bases than you would about phones than fit in your pocket that can access this global online network of just about every piece of information ever recorded. Flash forward to 2063 - it seems that cars are still under gravity's cruel grip, but the architectural landscape has become a striking hybrid of old and new. Now's the time to buy stocks in the manufacturers of transparent blue tubes - you can thank me later when you're retired millionaires.

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