Saturday, January 26, 2013

Architecture Elevated

Lego MOC: Tall Tower
Courtesy Tall Tower by RedCoKid
Altitude Avenue - (BTT) No invention is as important to the development of the skyscraper than the elevator - after all, what good is building 30 stories high when your average person gets winded after 3 flights of stairs? The downside is that most of the time ones vertical transportation is confined to a small, windowless box in the core of a building. Not here. Proudly trading claustrophobia for acrophobia, this Tall Tower features a glorious glass elevator sure to be the envy of high-rises and chocolate factories everywhere. While you are enjoying the view of the surroundings, don't forget to take the opportunity to admire the details right next to your nose - this is one facade that deserves a second look.

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