Thursday, January 3, 2013

Coming Up Clutch

Coveted Clutch - Front
Courtesy Coveted Clutch by kjw010
SoHo, Manhattan - (BTT) It's quite the dilemma. Do you just go to Canal Street and haggle for a "genuine" Louis Vuitton handbag, hoping against hope that no one looks too close at the tag and crossing your fingers that you'll never need to carry more than 3 ounces of stuff at once or risk the bottom from falling out? Or do you bite the bullet, walk those few blocks north, and invest in something quality made. Coveted Clutch, housed in this stately monochromatic masterpiece, features all the designer handbags you can shake a credit card at; upstairs lives the designer herself, the pastel interiors playing well off the dark grey street facade.

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