Monday, September 10, 2007

Seaside Hotels.

Here are some Seaside hotels for my layout. Eventually there will be three of them. I think the third will either be light grey or light blue.

At the moment there isn't a roof. If you know anything about my models you'll know I usually don't like them and they get broken down - but I actually like these.

BTW - Hopefully, if you click on the picture you will take my Brickshelf gallery over 20,000 hits.


  1. Welllll Well! Really nice I love 'em specially the varanda on the top flor of the white one!

    Good Work!

    Now when can we see more :D ?

    I'll see if I can ID these buildings with some of your sketch!

    Really nice

  2. Do i c a pinquin !!!!!

  3. Good for people to know.


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