Monday, September 3, 2007

New MOC - Dutch Style Building by myself.

Guess what it's the 200th post on BrickTownTalk!

I was beggining to get tired of making MOC's on LDD so I tried to do something with some new bricks I ordered.

1st the MOC was going to be a CC style building but it ended looking like a dutch building, as you can see I still used the CC street standard.

What color better than sand blue?
Also features a dutch classic: working furniture crane (I guess some rich merchant lived there)

Well hope you like it and congratulations BrickTownTalk


  1. Lovely building but what is this "CC street standard" you speak of?

    I know, I have brought this up before but "CC" (which to many people means Classic-Castle so its even more confusing) has no steet standard and is totally incompatible with road plates.

    Unless you do something like what I have convinced my local LUG to try out for an upcoming train show: Linky linky

  2. Hi Roger
    This one is for shure my favorite building among Your Moc's!
    Keep up the good Work!:-)

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