Sunday, September 2, 2007

Akos' Interview.

As you may have seen – regular contributor Akos displayed his models at this year’s TSL Event in Germany. He very kindly consented to the following interview. If you have any questions for Akos – I’m sure he would be very happy to answer them.

How did you hear about the event?

TSL is the yearly convention of the German AFOL club, "1000 Steine". AFOL stands for Adult Fan of LEGO. I'm not sure how I first learned about the TSL event. It could have been a BrickShelf folder or a LUGNET posting I stumbled upon. I visited TSL first in 2004 and I have not missed one since then. It is a blast every year. The models are always great, not to mention shopping opportunities.

Did you make the models especially for this event?

I can not answer this with a simple yes or no. It was a "kill two birds with one stone" kinda deal. If I had made them for the event "especially", I guess I would be taking them apart now, since the event is over. So I did not make them especially for the event. On the other hand, if I did not make them for the event, I would not have taken the trouble of transporting them to Berlin. So I guess yes, I made them for the event at least I tried to complete as much as I could for the event. I started about 4 months before TSL and it was a tight schedule. I managed to complete 16 modules, 8 of them with furnished shops - this is often the most time consuming part of the building process. These models are more or less permanent, I am planning on building many more for my layout.

I understand that the event was in Germany and you are from Hungary - how did you get yourself and the models to the event?

Because of our models, we always go there by car. It is a pretty long drive but we are friends and we can talk about LEGO so it is not that boring. My models are modular so they take a lot less room when they are not assembled. It took about 3.5 hours to set up the models and about 2 hours to pack them away.

Did anyone make comments about your models whilst you were there?

I have received a few positive comments while I was setting it up but once it was ready I wasn't there most of the time, regrettably. Directly after setup we left for the hotel. The following day which was a "public" day we went to see the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Berlin, and only returned to the venue when the exhibition was already closed for the general public. And then we packed everything away so we could leave for Hungary the following morning.

Thank you very much for your time Akos – your models are stunning.


  1. Nice interview! Thanks Akos


    good ideia Richard

  2. A very interesting read and a fab new idea for the site!

    Akos's buildings are some of the very best I have seen, so always nice to get a bit of background info.


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