Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nexus7 strikes again!

Remmember Nexus7? Well I do, he's a great CC module builder that allways makes us happy when we see his creations. Here is a new module of his, this time a corner building (bold huh? ) Check it out.


  1. I really like the window boxes... they're hard to achieve (interesting solution).

  2. Thats exactly what caught my eye!

  3. hi, wow, i like your lego creation :D i'm from indonesia... but i'm new with lego things ^ ^

  4. Hi again Vina!

    As I told you, most of these creations are not ours, one of the things we do is "sweep" through brickshelf.com (which I advise you to visit) and show to the blog readers the best creations on the style of the recent LEGO set the Cafe Corner.

    Feel free to ask what you want ;)

  5. Hi,

    nice building. Liked the detail of a tile getting away in the roof.

    Did I saw a 'Slope 75 2x2x3 Double Convex' at the front corner in 'Dark Bluish Gray'?
    Where did you manage to get it? I'm also looking for some, but they do not exist according BrickLink.

    Or are all these part in old 'Dark Gray', instead?

    Conchas (Fernando)

  6. Hi Conchas! :D

    Unfortunatly I couln't contact this building's creator, so he probably doesn't know he's featured on the Blog...

    As for the brick you talk about, I think they are 3 1x2 bricks... but I'm not sure,

    Anyways grad to hear from you!


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