Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Variable Building.

Akos - I love the windows, the trees, the bricks on the little wall...
I love it...

Look at this gallery as there are some other fabulous feature to this building.


  1. Thanks for posting. There is nothing shockingly new about the various SNOT techniques in this MOC. Honestly, I "borrowed" more than invented on my own. On the other hand, constructing a multi-module building is something I haven't done before. I spent about five days (on and off) building and rebuilding this. I wanted to achieve maximum flexibility and transportability. This is very important, as I want to take all my CC-buildings to TSL 2007 and space is very limited in the car we'll be driving. The whole thing (unassembled, of course) fits in nicely in my bicycle bag, which has about 30x30x30 cm space.

  2. Yes I've seen it on BS, it's very good indeed! Detailed and functional.


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