Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Music Video...

I received an e-mail yesterday asking for our help. Below is the text from the e-mail.

"I am involved with a music video involving Lego-based animation and I was wondering if you would be able to help. We are seeking a few local people to offer advice and also perhaps lend us a few relevant Lego creations. The video is for a track called “Someway Through This” by Black Ghosts (signed to Southern Fried Records). The pitch is “A travel through time with the use of stopped framed Lego pieces. Within the increasingly chaotic world of Lego one man searches for something once lost”. It is a time-lapse based film, using stop-motion animation to show the evolution of a busy city from initial forest to thriving metropolis. The band will be filmed on green screen and composed into the time-lapsed Lego action. The production company is called Burt Films ( and has a reputation for creating innovative and unique music videos. The entire film’s budget is £5,000 so, as I’m sure you can imagine, it will be a challenge! Never-the-less Burt Films specialise in stretching budgets and making videos to be proud of. We are filming for two weeks, starting on Monday in London, UK and we have a team of animators doing the actual animation. As the film progresses we will reveal a sprawling city with a variety of buildings and locations. The main transition between small suburb and major city will happen via a day-to-night transition, thereby releasing us of the need to build a major city brick by brick! We were hoping we would be able to borrow a few impressive Lego buildings built by fans.
They will not be taken apart, altered or added to. They will be treated with respect, be kept safely and returned exactly as provided. In return we are more than happy to allow anyone who is interested to visit the set and we can provide DVDs of the film video. We will also acknowledge credit on the film’s website. We would really appreciate any help you would be able to provide. If you are unable to help directly it would be great if you could point me in the right direction! Many thanks, Stephen."

If you think you can help - e-mail


  1. Maybe they can use my LDD stuff.

    I'll send 'em an email.

  2. White Stripes has already done that.. And 5000 doesn't seem to be enough for buying bricks. Good luck!!


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