Sunday, July 15, 2007

Is this the end...

I'm sure you will have noticed all the red crosses on this blog. This is due to Brickshelf disappearing.

If it does not return, then I will not coninue with this blog - as I believe it will be too difficult to keep going.

Sorry Guys - Its been fun - Thank you for all your messages.



  1. Maybe it will be resurrected. MOCPages says: "We are actively working on the Brickshelf / images problem. Please be patient! We're sorry for the problems and hope everything will be back to normal soon."

  2. Is there a way for you to post the pics that have been sent to you, rather than link them to Brickshelf? I'm sure that you could gather quite an inventory of pics very quickly...

    Just a thought.

  3. It would certainly be a shame to see this blog disappear because of Brickshelf's closure. I hope you reconsider your decision if Brickshelf doesn't come back. I enjoy reading your blog.

  4. MOCpages says:
    New image hosting service
    With Brickshelf gone, MOCpages is now offering free image hosting for your LEGO creations. This service is free FOR NOW but please understand that it may not remain free forever. If you have suggestions or run into bugs/problems, please contact us

  5. It was a real pleasure to be featured on this blog. And I hope it's not its end...

    Regards for everyone

  6. Save your pics now. Brickshelf is up until July 31

  7. It's a pity, both for this blog and Brickshelf. I enjoyed them very much.

  8. It looks like there are projects from various community sites to grab a load of stuff from Brickshelf before it goes, so most should be saved somewhere.

    This can then be put back up when a replacement storage for pictures is found.

    I am trying to grab a load of stuff I don't want to lose including ones in this and two other Lego blogs, so hopefully it can survive.

    I would be quite happy to dedicate some time to fixing links when we are over this crisis if it helps!

  9. BrickShelf says:
    Notice: Brickshelf will not be shutting down!
    We will be offering "featured" accounts for $5/month shortly.
    We have received hundreds of supportive emails in the past few days including many who said they would like to contribute financially but did not know how. This has had us rethink the practicality of charging for enhanced features.We plan to do this without reducing current functionality for free users. Thank you for your enormous show of support.

  10. I'm guessing the clientele of brickshelf will reduced a lot.

  11. Unless something better comes along, I am planning on paying for whatever premium service they offer... the news that they are not going away is a great relief. Now I can build instead of saving pics...


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