Monday, July 2, 2007

Do you think they mean me???

Was just reading this on Eurobricks - LINK.

They mention a 'guy' who made chocolate LEGO Bricks.

Do you think they mean me?

I bought the ice cube tray and the cake/jelly mould and I love them. So there!!!


  1. I thinks they mean you.

    Everyone liked to see those chocolate candies both on brickshelf and on your blog.

  2. Those guys are mean, what's wrong with ice cube trays??

    You did the bestest thing with the chocolates :)

  3. Yeah! I love the ice cube and jelly moulds!

    I wish I got mine free, I had to pay a lot for mine from the Windsor park, but the cool drinks make it worth it! (Not that we are having much of a summer in the UK anyway, hot drinks all round!)


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