Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome! Come in, be seated!

Overdale- Brick Town Talk
Courtesy Overdale Townhouse by Dakar A


Hello! I'm not really French, but it's a great way to break the ice! I'm Duncan,and along with Jonathan and Chris, I am the newest author on Brick Town Talk. Some of you may know me from Eurobricks or Flickr as Dakar A. I'm also proud to be a TFOL, or Teen Fan of Lego, for those unfamiliar with the jargon. That means less income to buy parts and pieces from Bricklink, but I try my hardest to best use what I have.

I'm a Town builder by heart, since the first set I remember getting is a Town firetruck. I had my own sort of strange dark ages, where I followed kid hobbies besides Lego, only really getting back in with the Creator Street Speeder and the Green Grocer. And as the story goes, I now have a tiny city taking up a few square feet of my bedroom! Outside of Lego, I play the French Horn, enjoy Ska music,am a Life Scout (5 merit badges away from Eagle!), and am enrolled in the Cambridge AICE program.

I hope to be posting the best the Internet has to offer in Lego buildings on here, as often as possible. Which means more MOCs for you! I'm glad to be an author, and promise not to make anymore posts all about me!
Cigarette boat 3
CourtesyCigarette boat by Dakar A


  1. Well, hello! Duncan, is it? Good to know, good to know. ;-D I look forward to your posts!

    --Katie (eilonwy77)

  2. Congratulations on becoming a writer. I follow your work on Flickr and I believe you have a lot to offer.

    1. Thanks to both of you! I hope not to dissapoint!


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