Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Look Forward to These City Sets

This is a guest post by Jessica Brown.

LEGO knows no bounds. From space, to farms, to trains and everything in-between, there’s a LEGO equivalent for almost everything you could lay eyes on in life. LEGO City, one of the many branches of LEGO, offers the chance for the imagination to run wild, along with your LEGO figures. As they’re something to be celebrated, here is a list of the top ten best city collections:

1. Marina – the exotic marina offers the perfect summery escape when it’s pouring with rain outside. With a lifeguard keeping watch from his tower, there is much fun to be had at the marina. With a windsurfer, lifeguard, sailor, diver and girl – there’s limitless opportunities. Grab your windsurfer and take him for an adventurous day, throw your diver into the water or head to the surf shop and paradise café.

This set comes with a dinghy, quad bike, surfboard, windsurfer, scuba gear, flippers, lifejackets and more. This is all you need for a mid-winter transportation to beach paradise.

2. Police Station – You can’t maintain a city of harmony with criminals running around and causing havoc. This is where the Police Station comes in. With four police officers, 1 police dog and two robbers, it’s obvious who’s going to win this chase. Equipped with a police car, prisoner transport van and bicycle, your policemen will have no problem catching the criminals. There’s also an evidence room, mug shot area and secret compartment to ensure that the criminals running riot in your city will be locked up for good. Similarly, check out the Forest Police Station for safety in the outskirts!

3. Fire Station – When the alarm goes off in your fire station, fast action is crucial. Rush from the living quarters, slide down the pole and jump into the fire engine to go and save lives. With a truck ladder and jump sheet, you’ll be prepared for any fiery emergency. Even on those quiet days, there might be a cat stuck up a tree that needs rescuing!

4. Space Centre – this four-strong team can handle any outer space mission that comes their way. With a gigantic rocket, control centre, launch platform, satellite, countdown clock, fuel tank and tool station – you’ll have everything you need to ensure that Houston doesn’t have a problem. Your astronauts will also have a spacesuit to take with them for those first steps out of the rocket onto untouched planet.

5. Train Station – you can’t have a city without transport links, and this bustling train station will do the job of seeing people in and out very well. Your passengers can check timetables, buy tickets and board and alight trains with ease. Complete with taxi and taxi driver, your passengers can get anywhere they want to go.

6. Off-road Command Centre – this high-tech centre will have robbers quaking in their boots. Track down the robber with a satellite dish, unhook the trailer and race off in the dinghy to catch that robber red-handed!

7. Robbers’ Hideout – give your criminals a chance to hide deep in the woods. Security comes at a price, however – those no-good-doers best beware of the bears! Hiding from the police in their ATV and off-roader, the robbers need a quick escape to hide their stolen gold bars. With a rooftop hiding place, binocular, walkie-talkie and handcuff-carrying policeman, hiding has never been so tense!

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