Friday, December 3, 2010

Industrial Building

There's something about factories and industrial buildings that I just find intriguing. I guess it is just all the different components that go into making one work or just the shear power that seems to resonate from them. Perhaps it is the culmination of raw materials, logistics, and the facility itself that go into making the products that I find so interesting. Regardless, I don't see many factory models too often, so this caught my eye immediately. What I like best about this particular model is the restriction to a simple three-color scheme meshed with varying heights in the structure itself. It turned out remarkably well. Great job Luky1987!

Courtesy Industrial Building by Luky1987.

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  1. I would have to say the logistics is what I find interesting. I have visited my share of automotive assembly lines and it is quite the site to go from a frame to complete!

    This is a great factory for Lego. Different shapes have been used to give it that factory look. Really like the multi color scheme too.


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