Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of 9348

I was lucky enough to buy some LEGO with one day of the year left. I hoped to get Diagon Alley. Sadly the last one had sold out in the morning. I managed to purchase the amazing Atlantis Temple (which I shall build later today), 20 Series 3 Collectable Minifigures (12/16!!! - Not bad - sooooo many sumos!), and 9348 Community Minifigure Set. Enjoy the review.
Set Number: 9348
Name: Community Minifigure Set
Theme: Education / Dacta
Year of Release: 2011
Pieces: 256
Minifigs: 21
Price: £39.99

Box Art

Front of the Box

Back of the Box

The Contents of the Box
There are five bags. The set does not contain instructions - you have to guess from the box. There is also no inventory.
The following pictures show the content of the bags. The first picture shows the minifigure heads. The males are all the same as are the females although they have a revesible head so that they can be happy or annoyed. The second picture shows some fantastic pieces that are available in other sets, however, its fantastic they are all here together in one place. The fourth and fifth pictures show the pieces (there are no stickers). The sixth picture shows the left overs.

The Minifigures

Finally here is a picture of some other minifigures you can make with the pieces.

I didn't take any pictures of the completed set because the images on the back of the box are so good - I couldn't top that.


This is definately a must have set for any City fan. The best bit about the set is getting the new pieces - crow bar, burglar's sack, printed dog, new colour cat - without having to buy lots of different sets. The laptop was a big bonus too as I didn't have one of those. It is good to see a balance of male and female characters and to see them represented doing non-stereotypical things (especially in an education set). I would give this set 9/10. The only thing I would suggest to improve it is having a greater variety in facial expressions.
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  1. Very nice review! I'm liking the variety of pieces in this set.


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