Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombie Apocafest and BrickCon Town

I did a brief (long distance) wrap-up of this year's BrickCon over at LMOTD, but I think that the town layout and the Zombie Apocafest layout are of interest here as well.

The Zombie apocalypse layout is roughly based on the Cafe Corner standard for the buildings, but the people and details aren't based on anything we'd see in a town - they're based on fantasy/horror films and video games. Be warned that there is a bit of violence here - but it's all in good fun. I didn't get all the in-jokes here (I'm not into the zombie flicks), but the buildings are great and of much more universal appeal - in the photo above (from dunechasers's flickr photostream) you can see an amazing shopping mall (I believe I heard someone say that a LEGOLAND model builder built it).

In addition to the links at the other site, there's a separate flickr set for the Zombie Apocafest 2008 layout.

The more traditional town layout photos seem to be mixed in with the rest of the BrickCon photos. Additionally, many of the town-themed models also have a Disney theme, such as this impressive section (also from dunechasers's flickr photostream):

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