Thursday, October 30, 2008

STEAM Street Scene

Street scene from STEAM 2008 created by brickish member's - From Right to Left: Ralphs Corner Shop, Park, Chip Shop, Curry House and Pub (Just out of view) Cafe Corner Doug's Bank and Police Station, Julie Griegs Photo shop, Ed Diments Town Hall, Annie Diments Hairdressers, James Shields Pet Shop, Mandy Dees Georgian House, Warren Elsmores House, Noami Farrs Sweet Shop, Post Office and shop, Warren Elsmores modified Town Plan Cinema, Huw Millingtons Lego Shop, Doug's own modified Town Plan Petrol Station and Market Street (Out of shot are the Green Grocer, the other half of the Market Street, David Tabners House and Darren Smiths Bank) The roads were built by Doug and Jon Goldsworthy to his design, The vehicles were built mainly by Ralph but with a few extra by Doug, Tom Groombridge and Duq (whose real name I don't know, sorry!) The trams were by Doug, James Shields and Ben Gorman.

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  1. Ah! You beat me to it. Doug Idle's own flickr set is at:

    Also, the picture you posted above is getting chopped off by the sidebar - is there anything we can do about that, or do we just need to pick smaller photos? It shows up alright in the RSS feed, at least.


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