Friday, October 10, 2008

Chris as a New Author!

Hello! My name is Chris and I would first off like to thank Brick Street for the invitation as a new author for this blog! I really look forward to adding on to this blog in the future for great Cafe Corner ideas.

I got involved with Cafe Corner buildings about 3 months ago, when I first found Ralph's Corner Store over at Flickr. At this point I already had Market Street and the Cafe Corner, but i needed more, so i scraped together a lot of white, brown, and bluish gray tile pieces and made my Clothing Store. Since then i have made a Red Townhouse and Hardware Store also.

And here is my most recent creation, just a collaboration of all my Cafe Corner Style buildings, also on my Flikr. I currently have to upload my Brickshelf, bu have not figured out how to upload mass amounts of pictures quickly, i need to update it.

Thanks again for this opportunity to work on a great blog and congratulations to Dan too!



  1. Thanks! I do admit that they could be a bit more crisp looking. I was in a hurry to finish the buildings.

  2. As one of the writters of the blog (though a little busy recently I would like to WELLCOME both new writters!

    Best regards

  3. Love the fact that you guys are expanding!

  4. I'm on a diet actually... Lol.

    It needed doing. I have been fortunate enough to become the editor of The Brick Issue (The Brickish Association's magazine) and going for a double promotion at work. Rather than end BTT - I thought we should expand.



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