Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hi all, although this is not related to CC style buildings or any other city theme, I thought our readers wouldn't mind if I posted about a newly created LEGO technic blog founded by my friend Conchas.

The blog's name is TechnicBRICKs and it's realy all about the Technic theme.

Anyays here's the link.

Support the blog and if you are a LEGO technic fan just check the news and enjoy the blog.

Good luck Conchas!


  1. Thanks Roger, for the support!

    This is project which still require some work and need a convenient ramp-up, but I hope it could be a success in the near future. ;-)

  2. By the way... two weeks ago, I decided to buy the Café Corner, which arrived from S@H yesterday. ;-)

    Because also there is LEGO, behind the TECHNIC world! ;-)

  3. Lucky you, I don't own a Cafe Corner ;)


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