Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hotel by me...

For those of you who are interested in such things - I am slowly putting together a layout in my loft - and here is one of the models.You may have seen this model in progress before in an earlier entry. This one is a complete re-build (one brick wider than the original). I haven't had much time to build recently, so this hotel is a bit of an achievement for me. I have decided to expand the size of the layout (twice the size) as I have the space. One half will be a seaside layout, the other a busy city with an added on dock and railway section (mostly because I have been inspred by the fantastic models posted on Brickshelf and visiting LEGOLAND Windsor and STEAM). It would be fantastic to hear from anyone, please make a comment.

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  1. Hi Richard!
    i'm glad you had time to finish that lovely building!

    My thoughts about it are:
    . love the color scheme
    . love the 2nd floor entrance instead of 1st
    . personally, the thing I like the least is the roof, I'd rather see a roof like the one in the CC, bigger angle.

    I hope you have time to finish your layout and to post every progress on the blog.

    C ya


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