Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Jonathanlopes Corner

Look at this! Awesome idea! The use of the round tecnique in a building is a really cool feature and I really like those windows! It's certain that it's not perfect but what is perfect in the LEGO world? Anyways congratulations jonathanlopes.

Also make sure you check his folder, full of cool buildings.


  1. There's an article in the new AFOL-Magazine Railbricks. There he reveals his inspiration and such. His layout is, mildly put, massive, and very, very impressive.

    On that building with the round corner however, I think he should have continued with the same texture along the straight walls that he used for the curved wall, just so it would look better as a whole.

  2. This guy absolutely blows my mind. His entire creation is beyond incredible. I've been admiring his pics on bricklink for years and have always dreamed of coming up with something similar. Now that I see his creation in it's entirety I am freakin amazed...

    What an inspriration... words cannot express... YOU ARE MY LEGO IDOL!

  3. What is the main colour brick used in that building? Looks like reddish brown to me, or possibly orange.



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