Sunday, February 19, 2012

Justice for All

Bricklyn Borough Courthouse
Courtesy Bricklyn Borough Courthouse by sonicstarlight
Judicial Row - (BTT) Few things are more satisfying in life than seeing the innocent vindicated and the guilty punished, and where better to see the drama play out than in the courtroom. Standing tall among its neighbors is the Bricklyn Borough Courthouse, ready to dispense truth, justice, and all that other good stuff. The first floor features a mosaic tiled entry lobby, large conference rooms for lawyers to negotiate (read: scream) with each other, and offices for the various clerks and support staff. Head upstairs to the second floor to find the courtroom itself and the judge's chambers.

* Full disclosure - this article's author is also the architect, so take any claim of impartiality with a grain of salt.

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